Brighten and nourish your skin with HumbleBeeLuxury’s collection of natural face scrubs. Give your skin the required deep conditioning with the richness of strawberry, clay, cucumber, rose or beetroot.

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For smooth, healthy, and glowing skin give your face a gentle massage with a variety of our exfoliating scrubs.

Cucumber helps reduce skin irritation and firms up sagging skin. Rose contains anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce problems like acne. It is also high in vitamin C and E. Beetroot is rich in iron, vitamins, and minerals, while strawberry helps reduce scars and lightens the skin.

HumbleBeeLuxury face scrubs have a combination of such enriched ingredients which can make your skin feel soft and youthful. Unlike regular soaps, our facial scrubs have small natural particles that help you get rid of dead skin cells. Our face scrubs exfoliate the skin by making way for new skin cells to form.

Make your skin look even and smooth by removing blackheads, dirt, and excess sebum. Massaging the scrub onto damp skin for a minute can rinse away all the dirt and unwanted particles from the pores. Using a face scrub as a part of your weekly routine can cleanse and moisturize your skin deeply.