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Our foot soak products contain essential oils with an extremely soothing aroma to relax your mind and body both. You can choose to use our products to soothe painful feet due to a stressful day or just use it to beautify the skin.

Do not keep your feet unattended as they are the ones that help us keep moving all day. The feet skin is the most affected and hence needs your care. We always manage to take time out for our face, body, and hair, but forget to nourish our feet.

It is time to allow your feet to relish and receive all the goodness it deserves. Replenish your tired soles with intensive care of soak and scrub. Choose a foot soak and let your feet experience a relaxation.

Soaking and moisturizing feet daily also helps keep bacteria and debris away. It can relieve you from dry and cracked heels. Soaking feet helps relax muscles, especially in tired feet.

Do a self-massage for 10-15 minutes by gently rubbing all the dirt out. Massage your heels, soles, ankles, and toes nicely using the Humble Bee Luxury’s Foot Scrub and immerse your feet into the warm water.

Let your feet absorb the minerals of the Humble Bee Luxury’s Foot Soak and give a few minutes for your feet to re-energize. The foot soak contains coffee which targets all the harmful elements and eliminates them from your skin. It fights foot odor and helps keep fungus away, leaving you with beautiful healthy feet that you will adore.

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