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Pamper your feet with our range of foot care products like foot scrub and foot soak. Revitalize your feet with Humble Bee Luxury’s Foot Care products to make them healthy, soft and nourished ones.

We always miss taking care of our feet which are usually the most affected ones. Our feet receive maximum dust and debris, hence requires the utmost care. Cleaning and moisturizing should be our daily tasks to maintain beautiful feet.

Remove all the toxins, dead cells and debris off your feet with the help of our Humble Bee Luxury Foot Scrub. Massage it gently to remove the unwanted dust to make the skin soft and glowing.

Immerse your feet in a container filled with warm water after a long hard working day. Adding our foot-soak into the water will soothe your muscles and hydrate your skin. It will help to relieve the swelling and soreness due to working for long hours.

It also prevents your skin from getting rough and dry. Soaking your feet for 10-15 minutes will help the skin exfoliate and give it the required minerals.

As your feet will absorb the contents your muscles will be relaxed and nerves will function properly due to regulating of electrolytes. The Humble Bee Luxury Foot Soak will target harmful substances to eliminate them from your feet. It also fights foot odor and helps keep fungus away, leaving a soothing skin you would love to touch.

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