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Start your mornings with a spa-like experience with Humble Bee’s wide organic soap range. Our best handmade soaps are crafted with love and natural ingredients!

Humble Bee offers the best organic bar soaps that are free from detergents, synthetic fragrances, and parabens. Available for all skin types.

The saponification process includes essential oils and fatty acids. Resulting in pure herbal soaps which nourish and moisturises your skin. Ayurvedic soaps cleanse your skin gently. It protects your skin and heals skin infection.

With an exciting ingredients list- Lavender, rose, mint, vanilla, seaweed, green apple, black brut, cinnamon, camphor, chocolate, goat milk, aloe vera, olive oil, we tend to rejuvenate and freshen you up.

Experience a  flowery fragrance whole day with our lavender soap and natural rose soap. If you are a fruity freak, try our apple green soap, clove orange soap and watermelon soap. We do have chocolate and vanilla flavoured soap bars for your kids.

Our natural soaps pamper and make you smell good all day long.

With such an attractive list of natural ingredients, It becomes difficult to buy handmade soaps online. Don’t you agree with me? Try it on your own!