Soak yourself in the richness of natural ingredients with the best body butter from the exclusive range of Humble Bee Luxury. Our pure herbal butters provide the necessary hydration to your skin.

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Who doesn’t dream of healthy skin? All of us, right? Especially during the dry season, we take special care of our skin. We try to provide all the essential nutrients to our skin. Well, here’s something for you...

We offer organic body butters which your skin is craving for in this chemical world. Our body butters have a high melting point and so it absorbs almost immediately on contact with the skin temperature.

Our body butter comes with a luxurious texture which is lightweight and gives a pleasant glow to your skin.

Hot tip: Best time to apply the body butter is instantly after the shower. As the butter seals moisture perfectly in moist skin compared to dry skin.

Choose the perfect partner for your skin from out buttery collection and wave a goodbye to dry skin.