Our Story


‘Every Humble Bee customer experiences a luxurious feeling while seeing, buying and using our handmade products.’

Humble Bee believes in the magic of nature. Nature has never failed to amaze us with its powers to cure and enrich our lives. Having thoroughly scrutinized the astonishing properties of the ingredients offered by nature, Humble Bee brings forth a wide range of carefully curated and handcrafted natural products that your skin would totally fall in love with.

The idea of Humble Bee was conceived when we decided to make handmade soaps for my son on his birthday. My wife fell in love with the art of making soaps and we immediately realized that it was a beginning to an amazing journey. We wanted our customers to experience the love, positivity and happiness we wanted to deliver through our products instead of perceiving us as just another company producing handmade products. Hence, we created a variety of pocket-friendly, handmade, all-natural products that are SLS-free, paraben-free as well as cruelty-free to deliver that experience. We have developed nearly 90 products in less than a year in categories including lip balm, bath salts, shower gel. We have received repetitive feedback of our customers claiming that the richness of the fresh, handpicked ingredients in our products have benefitted their skin, making it soft, nourished and moisturized. We choose to name our company as Humble Bee because we believe in being ‘Humble’ to not only our customers and suppliers but also to our staff while ‘Bee’ denotes the sweetness and love with which our products are made.

Humble Bee has been grateful for receiving constant support and unconditional affection from its loyal and happy customers at various exhibitions making Humble Bee a leading name in the market. We have always strived towards spreading happiness by adding more smiles to our customer base. Our products are available on Flipkart.com and Amazon.com as well as at the Shoppe.


Our Team
Harshil Rawal
Devashree Rawal
Reyansh Rawal
Bheshaj Joshi