7 Ways You May Be Washing Your Hair Wrong

I know washing hair is not rocket science which we need to get educated in. But if your hair is getting damaged you should consider knowing what is required to keep it healthy. Nothing more but a wrong method of cleaning can make your hair dry and brittle. Whereas a few easy tips can help you save your hair from further damage.

Hair Washing Mistakes by Indians

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The 7 Incorrect Ways You Probably Wash Your Hair Wrong

You must have tried a lot of products and ways to maintain your hair health. In spite of all the expensive practices does your hair still look dull? Maybe you are ignoring the basic easy methods and running after the expensive solutions.

These could be a few mistakes you are making while washing your hair.

Not Oiling Hair Before a Hair Wash

Natural oils from coconut, olives, and almonds are rich in vitamins and moisture. They provide the roots with rich nutrients and soothe the dry scalp. You must massage oil to your scalp at least once a week.

Keep the oils onto your scalp for a minimum of 1 hour before washing it off. It will give your scalp the required potion as it penetrates through the hair follicles. Washing then helps remove the dust and debris from your hair strands, making your hair look shiny and lustrous.

Washing Hair Daily

Washing hair daily is not a good habit unless you are experiencing a dusty sweaty environment regularly. Shampooing your hair daily will completely dry out your hair leaving them lifeless. Washing hair once a week is recommended, however, you can choose to clean them twice if you have an oily scalp.

Using Too Hot Or Cold Water

Never wash your hair with hot water. This could wash away the required oils from your scalp making your hair dry and dull. Similarly, too cold water which actually is unbearable will affect your hair in the same manner. Therefore, it is best to clean hair with lukewarm water.

Using Very Harsh Products

If you are using a harsh chemical-based shampoo on to your scalp regularly you definitely will get bad results. An anti-dandruff or medicated shampoo is not so good to use daily.

In fact, if you want to treat your scalp for dandruff it is best to use organic products with the least chemicals. Organic and handmade shampoos are mild on your skin and hair. Moreover, they maintain your hair health even if you use them for long.

Applying Conditioner to the Roots

Never apply conditioner to the scalp. Conditioner has properties to instantly soften your hair but it should be applied only to the hair strands. Applying a conditioner onto the scalp will result in losing your hair from the roots.

Not Using Color Specific Products

If you regularly color your hair then your hair is already suffering a lot of damage because of the chemicals. The color coating does not let your hair absorb enough nutrients. Hence, you should try to find products that are specifically designed for colored hairs. Moreover, it is really important to keep your hair and scalp sufficiently moisturized to avoid dryness.

Rubbing the Scalp Hardly

Always take care that you gently massage your scalp while washing hair. Do not rub your scalp and hair too hard. Also drying hair hardly with a towel will lead to excess hair fall due to breakage.

Be Gentle Onto Your Hair

So conclusively you should be very gentle onto your hair. Hence, use only mild products that strengthen your hair with enough nutrition. Keep harsh chemicals away from your head and prefer to use organic and natural products. Enrich your hair and scalp with rich vitamins and minerals obtained from natural oils and chemical-free shampoos.

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